Meet the committee: logistics & facilities

For the EGMO 2020 we need a lot of stuff. All kinds of stuff. Think about the paper on which the participants write down their solutions during the contest, scanners to digitalise these solution papers, snacks for during the jury meetings, buses for the excursion, and of course the many t-shirts with EGMO-logos on it.

The committee that orders all this stuff is the committee Logistics & Facilities. We ask all other committees what they need and make shopping lists. This is harder than it looks: for example, the PR committee designs the EGMO logo, we have to ask all committees how many t-shirts they want (often this depends on a number of people that is unknown at the moment) and how many different colours we need (participants and organisers don’t get the same colour).

And of course, then we have to find out where to buy everything. You can order everything online, but where do you find the best quality for the best price?

The committee consists of three members. Relinde and Liesbeth know each other from math camp, and Jelle brings the shopping experience from the International Mathematical Olympiad that was organised in The Netherlands in 2011.