European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad 2020

General information

General information

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematics competition for high school girls from all over Europe, and beyond. In 2020, this wonderful event will be hosted by the Netherlands. To contact the organisation, use...
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We are very happy to share with you the promotion film we made for EGMO2020.
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The EGMO 2020 will take place from Wednesday until Tuesday 15-21 April 2020. The schedule can be found below.

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Emily Riehl, pt. 2
(Interview by Mireia Martínez i Sellarès) Last week we shared with you the first part of our interview with category theorist Emily Riehl. We talked...
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Emily Riehl, pt. 1
(Interview by Mireia Martínez i Sellarès) Emily Riehl is a category theorist. This means that she studies a kind of mathematical objects called categories. A...
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Sofya Kovalevskaya
(Text by David Hokken) Last month, we saw that Florence Nightingale supported the allied forces in the Crimean War (1853-1856) as a statistician and nurse....
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