Meet the committee: Accommodation

What do we do as the Accommodation committee? Before the EGMO we communicate with hotel Zuiderduin about every detail concerning the rooms and halls which the organisation and attendants are going to use. We provide guides and maps, manage the meeting halls and assign the rooms. We will play our part in recruiting volunteers for our crew. During the EGMO we will manage the crew and there will be always one of us at the infodesk. At the arrival day we check in all the participants. We will also support the other committees if required.

Who are we?

“Hi, I am Marijke. I am a high school math teacher who loves to organize math puzzle hours at our school and to stimulate my students to participate in the Mathematical Olympiad and other math contests. In 2011 I very much enjoyed being part of the organization committee of the IMO 2011 in Amsterdam. So, I am looking forward to contribute to the organization of EGMO 2020 as well!”  

“Hi, I am Marjanne. I am also a high school math teacher. Every year I motivate my students to participate in math contests and I accompanied them several times to national and international contests. However those meetings where never on such a big scale as this one. So I am very enthusiastic to be a part of this EGMO organisation and look forward to support the organisation and make it a big success.”