Meet the committee: guides

The guides committee has to provide every team of participants with a guide who shall be with you during your stay in the Netherlands. The committee shall be at Egmond all week to support the guides.

“Hi, I am Ellen, I have a degree in applied mathematics and work as a consultant in a software company. The closest I ever came to the IMO or EGMO is organising and participating in the Dutch interuniversity mathematical olympiad (LIMO), a one day event for students. However I like organising a thing or two and truly believe we have lots to win by motivating and supporting girls in mathematics, so that’s why I joined the EGMO organisation!”

“Hello, I’m Maaike. I have a degree in Mathematics and teach Mathematics at a high school here in the Netherlands. I’ve been a guide during the IMO in Amsterdam back in 2011, which I enjoyed a lot. I’m also part of ‘stichting Vierkant’ and help organize mathematical themed summer camps. I’m looking forward to the event next year.”

“Hi, my name is Elza; for now I’m teaching mathematics at a Gymnasium. Before being a teacher I had a job as a developer of software. Of course I studied mathematics in the past as well as computer science.  Some time ago I got the opportunity being a member of the guides committee.Because of knowing how good girls are with mathematics I like to support EGMO with some of my time!”

“My name is Sjoerd, and I will be 2^5 years old during the EGMO 2020. I’m going to be a member of the Guide Committee, the same thing I did during the IMO 2011 in Amsterdam. Before studying mathematics at the Utrecht University I went to the IMO 2005 in Mexico. Some of my favourite things apart from mathematics are: time with friends, travelling, reading, running, podcasts, sailing, beer, enjoying music, my job as a Data Scientist at Vitens, pub quizzes, (board) games, maps, flags, hiking and making lists. If you like any of these as well, or other things, I’d love to meet you in Egmond. See you all there!”

“Hi, my name is Lianne. I have a degree in mathematics and now I’m working at a software company as a consultant (the same software company as Ellen). During my studies I was a member of the board of the study association FMF in Groningen. During that period I organised a lot of events, which I really liked to do. Therefore, after six years, it was time to organise a great event again.”

“Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m 18. Right now I’m a second year mathematics and linguistics student at Leiden University, which is largely because of my extremely fun experiences in international olympiads for both subjects. After being a part of the organising committee for the Benelux Mathematical Olympiad 2019, I got an invitation to be in the guide committee for EGMO 2020 which I of course gladly accepted, since I want to make sure that all contestants will have as much fun as I had in my olympiads.”