Meet the committee: the treasurer

The organisation of a big event like the EGMO 2020 is not free unfortunately. The treasurer makes sure that everybody gets paid: for example the hotel, the companies involved with the excursions and the volunteers that have made costs for the EGMO. On the other hand, the treasurer collects the observer and supporter fees. In this way, he ensures the contestants of the EGMO have a place to sleep, place to eat, and a place to make the contest. You can find the list of supporters who are making the EGMO possible, at least financially, on our website:

The treasurer also has to make sure that the EGMO stays within the allotted budget. In an ideal situation, he has to do nothing to achieve this. If a financial catastrophe occurs anyway, then he will convene with the main organisation committee in order to find a remedy for this situation.  The treasurer also makes sure that all the paperwork and administration meet the legal requirements. In this way, the supporters of the EGMO can check that the event has been organised in a financially sound way.

Now it’s time for the big question. Who is actually the treasurer?

“Hello, my name is Raymond. As a student I participated to the mathematics olympiad from 2007 until 2009. After my time as a student, I became involved with the organisation of the mathematics olympiad in many different roles. Currently, I am the treasurer of the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad, which is the organiser of this year’s EGMO. During the times I am not busy with either of the olympiads, I am working as a researcher in mathematics at a university.”