Meet the committee: excursions and activities

What we do:

While mathematics understandably is a major component of the EGMO, it is also a great opportunity for high school students to get to know the Netherlands. The excursion committee is responsible for organising the excursions on Sunday (for the contestants) and Monday (for everyone) after the contest. We will also organise multiple activities in and around the hotel, such as beach games, lectures and bowling, to give the contestants plenty of opportunities to relax after the hard work.

Who we are:

Ellen: “Hi! You have probably already ‘met’ me as member of the Organising Committee and Guides Committee. I really enjoy being part of the Excursion Committee as well as this is probably the committee with most freedom. Our activities come closest to all the organising I did (and enjoyed a lot) for my study association, back during my studies. Now I got the opportunity to help creating a varied & fun programme for you girls. Looking forward!”

Ingeborg: “In 2011 I was one of the members of the excursion committee of IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad). Because I enjoy solving mathematical problems myself, I train at the Technical University of Delft a small group of high school students for the final of DMO (Dutch Mathematical Olympiad) . During the years observed that most of the participants of IMO and DMO are boys. Because I believe that girls are as good as boys, in mathematics and solving puzzles, I like it very much to be a member of the excursion committee of EGMO now. Have a lot o

Kees: “Hello ! I am a math-teacher at a highschool near the Zaanse Schans (you will see the school during your stay here!). Former participant of IMO (1996), I have kept fond memories of those times and hope that for you it will be the same.”

Linda: “Supporting girls in exploring mathematics, increasing their self-confidence and presenting powerful role models are precious goals of EGMO and I’m very happy to contribute to this goals. My name is Linda Schouten, I work at the AUAS as a teacher trainer and as a teacher in applied
mathematics. I’m looking forward to meet you at EGMO, in this awesome location near the beach.”

Milan: “Hi, I am Milan. As a high school student, I participated in the mathematical olympiad in 2007 and 2008. After that I was a member of the excursion committee for the IMO 2011 in Amsterdam, and a deputy leader for the Dutch EGMO team in 2015. I hope to use this experience to make the EGMO 2020 a success as well. In my daily life, I am a mathematical researcher at Eindhoven University.

Where we’re going:

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