Meet the committee: ceremonies

What do we do as a committee? We are working hard to give you the best opening and closing of the EGMO2020! We are currently figuring out how we can best organise the more than 50 countries parade during the opening. And believe us when we say that there is going to be a mathematical reasoning behind it. And if – hopefully! – you’re going to be one of the winners, we are the committee that organises the hand-out of the beautiful medal to you during the closing ceremony. Furthermore, we are proud that The Netherlands is hosting the EGMO2020, therefore we want to introduce you to some typical Dutch experiences, and delicious treats!

Our committee consists of four members: Sietske Tacoma, Desiree van den Bogaart, Michiel Doorman & Loura Vlam. Between us four there is plenty of experience; we all have organised big events before, whether it was for the Mathematical Olympics or other events.

We are looking forward to organising and hosting these events for you. See you in April!