Travel information

The EGMO 2020 will take place in Egmond aan Zee, which lies directly on the coast of the Netherlands. All participants will stay at Hotel Zuiderduin.

Zeeweg 52
1931 VL Egmond aan Zee

Arriving in The Netherlands

Participants of the EGMO 2020 are expected to arrive on Wednesday, April 15th 2020 at one of the following locations:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)
  • Alkmaar (Central) Train Station

Staff will be waiting at these locations to welcome the participants. Transport services will be arranged to transfer the participants to the accommodation, according to estimated arrival times. There will be various services collecting participants arriving within a range of times. In some cases this might result in a short wait.


The Netherlands is a member of the Schengen Agreement and the European Union. Please check carefully whether the members of your delegation need a visa before they enter the Netherlands.
More information, including a table of countries whose citizens require or do not require a visa to enter the Netherlands, can be found on this website of the Dutch Foreign Office.

Contact the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in your country for information on application requirements. Please note that you need to apply for a visa at Dutch consulates or diplomatic delegations well in advance.

Health Insurance

The organisers of the EGMO 2020 do not provide insurance for medical care for participants of the EGMO (cf. the regulations of the EGMO, subclause 3.4). Though the Dutch National Health system will attend to emergencies, it does not cover the expenses for foreigners (with the exception of citizens of the EEC and Switzerland, provided they carry a European Health Insurance Card). Be sure you have adequate accident, health and travel insurance from your country.


The Netherlands enjoys a moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. On average, the temperature in April is between ten and fifteen degrees during the day and drops below five degrees at night. In reality, however, the temperature may deviate considerably from these averages, so be prepared for both colder and warmer weather. On average, it rains more than half of the days. In April, there are approximately fourteen hours of daylight, from 6:30 am until 8:30 pm.


The official language is Dutch, which is spoken by almost all inhabitants. The majority of the population also has good knowledge of conversational English.

Currency and Credit Cards

The official currency in the Netherlands and most European Union countries is the Euro (€). Other foreign currencies can easily be exchanged at banks.

Standard credit cards and Maestro Cirrus debit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. They are also accepted by the Automatic Cash Dispensers (ATMs) at all the main banks.

Unless stated otherwise, VAT (value added tax) is already included in the listed price. There is no obligation to give tips in the Netherlands, but small tips for good service are common.

Local time

In April, the local time in the Netherlands is Central European Timezone (CET), with daylight saving in effect, i.e. two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).


To call abroad, dial 00 + country code + city code + phone number. Standard international mobile networks operate in the Netherlands. Ask your company for the technical requirements you need to know before you come to the Netherlands.

Tap water

Tap water is safe and drinkable throughout the country.


The voltage and frequency in the Netherlands are 230V and 50Hz. All sockets are of type C (2-pin, unearthed) or type F (2-pin, earthed).